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The Global Wise Life Assurance Plan

The Global Wise Life Assurance Plan (GLAP) offers comprehensive Life Insurance cover of up to £ 1 000 000 per life paid anywhere in the world - in any currency of your choice! GLAP also offers many other attractive benefits, to offer you peace of mind, at all times.

• From just GBP 35p a day (US 50 cents; Euro 30 cents)
• Full, immediate and affordable life Assurance - just a click away!
• Convenient, easy to get, instant term life cover - No medical examinations required
• Pre-existing conditions covered after 36 months
• Covers both death and permanent disability
• Pays out in any country, in any currency
• Pays to any beneficiary, trust or estate nominated by you
• No deductions of any kind are made from the policy proceeds
• Proceeds are paid free of tax i​n your hands and can be excluded from your estate
• An ideal ‘asset-protection’ option
• ECL is Meticulously discrete and confidential in regard to our clients’ details
• Provides 24 hour protection, anywhere in the world
• Non-discriminatory underwriting (Gender, race, orientation, etc.)
• Fully protected under English Law and within the jurisdiction of English courts
• Underwritten by registered UK insurers and Lloyds re-insurers
• Worldwide claims are all processed at our London offices
• Entry ages up to 70 years next birthday, maximum term to age 85
• Covers terms of 5 - 50 years
• Cover is immediate, premiums never increase, cover never decreases
• Premiums may be paid monthly or annually – in any currency
• Premiums can be paid through Paypal or selected credit cards
• Benefits are paid within seven days after receipt of required documentation
• Simple, easy to read policy contract – Globe-wise has no onerous terms or conditions